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Statement of Clarification – Super Boys & Girls 2011” does not relate to Emperor Entertainment Group and Emperor Star (Beijing) Limited

Emperor Entertainment Group and Emperor Star (Beijing) Limited (hereunder referred to as “The Group”) have recently discovered a website www.pclady.com.cn promoting an event named “Super Boys & Girls 2011” ( the event is now renamed as “Super Boys & Girls 2012”; web page: http://www1.pclady.com.cn/bbs/superman/index.html) organized by “英皇娛樂(中國)”and “香港英皇娛樂集團”, have abused the copyright of the artists of “The Group” for promoting such activity in mainland China.

In response to the above, “The Group”, hereby declares that “The Group” does not organize or engage in “Super Boys & Girls 2011”. “The Group”does not in any way relate to“英皇娛樂(中國)” and the two co-organizers “中國教育電視台”(CETV) and “EMG東亞星”(EMG eastasia Entertainment Ltd.) as mentioned by “Super Boys & Girls 2011”. “The Group” urges the public to be cautious and reserves all the legally rights.

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14 February 2012

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