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Emperor Foundation was established in early 1997 to support charitable activities related to education, healthcare, culture, community and environmental protection in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Offering assistance to the poor, the youth, the aged and the needy is also its important mission. One recent large-scale project of the foundation is the construction of a hospice service centre, the "Hubei Hong Kong Emperor Elderly Care Centre" in the Hubei province. The money was used to build the relevant facilities as well as to support the medical services and hospice counseling provided to the elderly. Until the end of 2010, the foundation has given away nearly RMB 20 million to support the project and will continue to subsidise the operation of the Centre on a yearly basis. Because of its innovative efforts in attempting to break the taboo about death in the Chinese tradition, the project has won "The Most Influential Charity Project Nomination Award" organised by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China.

Web: www.emperorfoundation.com



Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation
Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation

Dr. Albert Yeung founded Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation in 2008 to support the development of non-for-profit activities related to sports, education and culture. It also aims to help the poor and the needy in the community. The foundation contributed RMB 12.6 million to the Chinese Olympic Committee to motivate the Beijing Olympic Gold medalists to perform even better in international sports events in the future. As a timely response to the earthquake in Yushu County, Qinghai Province in 2010, it donated HK$ 5 million to the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong to support the relief work in the affected areas. The foundation has also established two elderly centres, "Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Shunping) Elderly Care Centre" and "Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Xiongzhou) Elderly Care Centre", both in Hebei Province to provide accommodation and hospice care services to the aged. The foundation made another donation of RMB 10 million in 2011 to build “Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Shunping, China) Elderly Service Centre”, a new block adjacent to "Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Shunping) Elderly Care Centre" with a view to intensifying its efforts in promoting elderly services.

Web: www.albertyeungfoundation.com



Hong Kong Daily News Foundation

Hong Kong Daily News, owned by Emperor Group, officially set up the "Hong Kong Daily News Foundation" in 2004, aiming at utilising its media influence to solicit more donations for those in need and to benefit the community with more consolidated efforts.

Web: www.hkdnfoundation.com



Emperor Volunteer Team

Emperor Group has been actively encouraging its employees to participate in voluntary work. Various activities have been organized in the past and these activities included fundraising through walkathons, visiting the elderlies and tree planting. The culmination and highlight of the year-long volunteer program is the cross-border service tour. In recent years, the Group has paid visits to a number of less fortunate people in Mainland China: met with the earthquake victims in the Sichuan reconstructed areas, comforted the old and dying at the Hubei and Hebei hospice and elderly care centres and served the peasants' children in a rural school in northern Guangdong.



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