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Statement of Clarification - Website www.emperorfund.com under false pretence

Statement of Clarification
Website www.emperorfund.com under false pretence
The Group has discovered that recently there has been a website ‘http://www.emperorfund.com’ which has gone under the name of ‘Emperor Group’ (英皇集團) to deceive the general public. The Group hereby declares that the website is not in anyway related to the Group. The Group appeals to the public alert to the aforesaid issue and cautious with potential loss resulted from fraud. 
In the meanwhile, the Group has also noted that the names of ‘Emperor Group’ and its subsidiary have been used by unlawful persons under an assumed name, ‘EMPEROR INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE CO, LTD’, to promote the sales of investment fund, for instance, ‘Dual Capital Preservation Fund’ (雙元保本). In response to the above, our Group hereby restates that neither the ‘Emperor Group’ nor its subsidiary was involved in the collection of the aforesaid investment fund or in any way related to the promotion of the aforesaid investment fund. 

For enquiry or confirmation of the details of the companies and their persons-in-charge in respect of the Group's Hong Kong and overseas businesses, please contact the Public Affairs Department at Emperor Group's Hong Kong headquarters:
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Address: 28/F., Emperor Group Centre, 288 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
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