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Dr. Yeung Sau Shing, Albert - Chairman of Emperor Group

Dr. Yeung Sau Shing, Albert | Chairman

Dr. Albert Yeung, the founder of Emperor Group, was born in Hong Kong in 1943 and traces his root to Chiu Chow, Guangdong. He is now the Chairman of Emperor Group. As early as 1942, Mr. Yeung Shing, the father of Dr. Albert Yeung, established the "Shing On Kee Watch Shop". In 1964, Dr. Yeung opened his own store on Nathan Road, Kowloon and expanded into jewellery business a few years later. In the years that followed, the business of Emperor Group grew from watch and jewellery to many other sectors.

After 40-plus years of hard work, Dr. Yeung has succeeded in building up a large conglomerate that serves the Asian market and with an ever increasing international presence. As the founder of the Group, he makes full use of his charisma to develop a sense of belonging among the staff. When it comes to business expansion, he believes in the importance of seizing every business opportunity available and the synergy between the new business endeavours and the existing operations.

Dr. Yeung believes that everyone should plough back to the community. In view of this, he has been actively participating in community services. He was the Charter President of the "Lions Clubs of South Kowloon" in 1976. Under his leadership, the members were engaged in numerous activities which greatly benefited the community. Besides, Emperor Group founded  "Emperor Foundation" to help the needy in 1997. In 2004, leveraging the media's influence in attracting donations, the "Hong Kong Daily News Foundation" was also established. In 2008, Dr. Yeung started the "Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation", which is dedicated to supporting non-for-profit sports, cultural and educational activities.

Up to now, Dr. Yeung has made personal donations for many good causes, including "China Flood Relief Fund" in 1991, "Hubei Disaster Relief Fund" in 1998, a donation of HK$18.5 million for the construction of "Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Yeung Shing Memorial Long Stay Care Home" managed under the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in 1998, the setting up of "Jackie Chan and Albert Yeung Charity Foundation Baoding Child Care Centre" in 2004, the establishment of "Hubei Hong Kong Emperor Elderly Care Centre" and "Jackie Chan and Albert Yeung Charity Foundation Baoding Elderly Care Centre" in 2006, the start-up of hospice service in Hubei in collaboration with the "Social Workers Across Borders" in 2007, the support for the victims of snowstorms in Mainland China and a donation of over HK$ 18 million to the victims of Sichuan earthquake in 2008, the setting up of "Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Shunping) Elderly Care Centre", which is a joint project with the Civil Affairs Bureau of Shunping County, Hubei in 2009. More recently in 2010, Dr. Yeung made donations to set up the "Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Xiongzhou) Elderly Care Centre", which is also a joint project with the Civil Affairs Bureau of Xiongzhou County, Hubei. He also donated HK$ 6 million to support relief works for Qinghai earthquake and Gansu mudslide victims. On Chinese New Year Eve 2011, Mr. Hu Jintao, the President of China, paid a visit to "Albert Yeung Sau Shing Charity Foundation (Shunping) Elderly Care Centre" and showed his immense approval. Dr. Yeung was highly motivated and, later in November of the same year, decided to donate RMB 10 million to enhance the service with "Albert Yeung Sau Shing (Shunping, China) Elderly Service Centre", a new block built adjacent to the first benchmarking centre. In recognition of the Chinese athletes' brilliant performance in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Dr. Yeung gave away cash prizes of over RMB 10 million in total to the Chinese gold medalists.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yeung is particularly concerned about education. Apart from setting up the "Emperor Foundation Scholarship" for seven tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, he has made donations to numerous education funds in Mainland China, including the "Ministry of Justice, PRC Education Fund", "China University of Political Science and Law – C.U.P.L. Mr. Albert Yeung Education Fund", "Peking University Education Foundation" and "Xiamen Education Fund" for students with either excellent academic results or underprivileged family background. Besides, he has also invested and donated RMB 30 million to establish the "Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Fudan University –The Emperor School of Performing Arts" to cultivate new performing talents in Mainland China. He was appointed the "Director" and the "Honorary President" of the School.

Dr. Yeung's efforts have won him a lot of awards and recognitions. In 2005, he was elected one of the "Top 10 Charity Stars in the PRC" and received the "China Charity Award" jointly presented by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China and the China Charity Federation. In 2007, he received the "China's Outstanding Charity Contribution Award" from the China Charity Federation and was elected the "China's Most Charitable Person". Besides, he won the "Special Charity Award" from the China Association of Social Workers and was included in the "China's Charity Chart 2007". Starting from 2008, Dr. Yeung has been a regular winner of 2 annual awards. These include “China Charity Award – The Most Caring Individual Donor Award", which he has won for 4 consecutive years from 2008 to 2011 from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. He has also been elected one of the "Top 10 Philanthropists" and remained in the "China's Charity Chart" for 4 years in a row since 2009 by Ministry of Civil Affairs jointly with China Association of Social Workers. Furthermore, Dr. Yeung was granted the award "United World Chinese Charity Award" by the United World Chinese Association in 2008. In 2009 China's Charity Chart Office specially launched "The 60 Most Influential Philanthropists in China's Charity Development" to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and Dr. Yeung was among the five Hong Kong philanthropists included on the honour list.

Dr. Yeung's social recognitions are not limited to charity. In 1994, Dr. Yeung was named the "Honorary Professor of Law" by the China University of Political Science and Law, and the "Honorary Consultant of All China Lawyers Association" by the All China Lawyers Association. In 1998, he was appointed the "Honorary Trustee" by Peking University. He has been the "Honorary Life President" of Asian Basketball Association since 2006. In 2007, he was invited to become the "Honorary Life President of Social Workers Across Borders". One year later, he was appointed "Honorary Professor" by Guangdong University of Finance. With his dedication over the years, Dr. Yeung's achievements have been recognised on an international level. In 2000, he was elected one of the "100 Most Powerful Figures in the USA" by Hollywood Reporter, a popular movie magazine in the US. In 2007, he was conferred the Degree of Honorary Doctor of Commerce by the University of West Alabama in the USA. He won the "World Outstanding Chinese Award" of the United World Chinese Association in the same year and became the "Honorary Life President" of the Association. In 2011, Dr. Yeung was included on the Hong Kong's 40 Richest list presented by Forbes. These awards not only reflect the widespread recognition of his achievements, but also encourage and strengthen his belief in serving the community.

Dr. Yeung has two sons and three daughters. His eldest son, Gilbert Yeung, manages dragon-i and TAZMANIA BALLROOM, whereas his second son, Alex Yeung, is now the Corporate Executive of the Group. His eldest daughter, Cindy Yeung, is in charge of Emperor Watch and Jewellery while his second daughter, Daisy Yeung, manages Emperor Capital Group. He firmly believes that his family provides great support and aspiration that enable him to overcome the challenges ahead and realise even greater success.

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