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Established in 1978, the Emperor Financial Capital Group is now one of the largest financial services institutions in Hong Kong with branches outnumbering other players in the local market. Within the Group, the Emperor Financial Services Group provides trading services in forex and precious metals while the Emperor Capital Group mainly specialises in brokerage services in securities and futures as well as providing corporate finance and wealth management services. Emperor Capital Group Limited (Stock Code: 717) was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited in April 2007.

The Group's offices in Hong Kong include its headquarters in Wanchai, the Emperor Financial Services Centre in Mongkok as well as 21 branches throughout the territories. In recent years, it has also expanded its frontiers to Macau and Southeast Asia. The Emperor Financial Services Centre, which opened in January 2009, is a three-storey building in Mongkok. The centre is considered a flagship store and provides one-stop professional and diverse financial services to all its clients.

Future Development

Looking into the future, the Group will continue to expand its business and will focus primarily on Mainland China and Southeast Asian markets which have exhibited huge growth potentials. To cater to its clients' diverse needs, the Group is also aggressively optimising its services. With the rapid changes in the financial market, the Group will continue to offer more diversified services and provide more choices to satisfy the unique needs of each client. Furthermore, with online trading gaining in popularity, the Group plans to devote more resources to the development and further enhancement of its online trading platform. This will enable it to provide faster and more stable investment services to its clients. In addition, the Group will strive to engage in investor education such as offering investment forums, simulated and actual trading contests, etc. as well as fully maximizing the expertise of its research department to enhance the knowledge of investors toward the financial market.

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